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Turkey - Beyşehir Anadolu Ö?retmen Lisesi - Beyşehir

Our school is located in Beyşehir. Beyşehir is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset with a unique landscape which consists of lake and mountains. Beyşehir  -  famous for its unique nature. Beyşehir Anatolian Teacher Training High School is the best school in Beyşehir. As our scope is national, we don't only teach the students in this region  but also have student from all over Turkey. We have 410 students aged between 14-18 and 35 teachers. We also have a dormitory for boys and a gym.

As we are a boarding school, our students face some serious problems. Their problems are really different from the students who live with their families. Because of this they need to be provided with special care. First of all, they live away from their families, they have to learn to live and cope with with problems on their own. When they start at our school they start to learn much about life. This period isn't always so brilliant. They face so many problems that some of them choose to leave school and enroll to a school closer to their family homes.

Living at a boarding school is not easy, our pupils have to obey rules and behave according to them. They have to sleep, eat, wake up, study, bathe, do the laundry, do sports, visit their families, go to school in accordance with the rules or regulations. Leading such a life causes them to have extra stress in their daily life compared to the other students. As high school students in Turkey, our students have to study for university entrance exams. They start worrying about being accepted at universities and their future when they start this school. To be successful at university entrance exams, they also continue some extra courses at the weekends except for their regular lessons at school during weekdays.  So they don't have enough time to spend on social activities.

With this project, we aim to show to our students some alternative ways how to cope with stress. They will have a chance to see how other students in the world live and they will get some help from those students about stress.




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