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Holland - Dominicus College - Nijmegen

Dominicus College is a secondary school for students of upper and higher academic levels. It is a state run school. apart from the normal curriculum, the school likes to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as: School trips to Barcelona, Athens, London, York, Liege, Trier, Dusseldorf, the Ardennes in Belgium. Students are stimulated to take internationally acknowledged language exams; Cambridge English (FCE, CAE or CPE), Delf Scolaire French and Goethe German. Students are also encouraged to take part in national competitions (e.g. Maths and biology). The school cooperates with the local University in the field of science (students take classes there) and organises workshops on various themes (Studium Generale) for students.  Furthermore there are film nights, visits to many museums, sports activities, school parties for students (Autumn, Christmas, Spring and Summer),  music and dance performances, Art projects, language villages (French and German) and theatre.

The school places great value on European citizenship and encourages students to take part in international activities. Last year the school started organising international exchanges with Rouen in France and this year an exchange with Bydgoszcz in Poland is planned. The school hopes to expand its international activities in the next few years.

Students at Dominicus College typically have a normal family background, are well-behaved and polite. The school building is relatively new and modern and classrooms are well-equipped with internet and digital school boards. The atmosphere at school is pleasantly relaxed and safe.

We do however find that more and more students struggle with getting their lives organised which causes stress and has a negative effect on their well-being and study. We are hoping that, together with our partners of the exchange, we will be able to compare and contrast the causes of stress among students and develop a useful tool for stress reduction.

The school has a special department for physically handicapped students. Students  in this department are taught on an individual basis according to their specific needs and abilities.


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