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Lithuania - S?davos vidurin? mokykla Sudava Secondary School ? Vilkaviškis

Sudava Secondary school is a small village school. The village of Sudava is 80 km away from the city Kaunas. Our district adjoins with Russia Kaliningrad regions and with Poland as well. The river Sesupe flows nearby. Our school provides preschool, primary, lower secondary and secondary education. In 2010 our school celebrated 60 years anniversary. There are 250 pupils, 20 of them are with special needs. In our school there are 25 teachers. Pupils learn two foreign languages: English language as the first foreign language and Russian or German as the second one.

Pupils and teachers also take part in various projects such as eTwinning projects (we implemented over 25 of such), translation contests, and social projects.

Our teachers have problems with integration of students with special needs, the lack of motivation of pupils and communication problems with families from risk groups. All the time we try to help pupils to increase their motivation, to teach communication among them and other people.

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